Man Survives 75-Foot Fall Off Highway Bridge While Helping Motorist

A FedEx driver is lucky to be alive after he jumped off a highway bridge and fell to the ground 75 feet belowJeremiah Cribb was driving early Wednesday (February 19) morning through I-85 in Linwood, North Carolina, when he noticed a driver stranded on the side of the Yadkin River Bridge.

Cribb pulled over and went to check on the driver, but was forced to move out of the way as other vehicles sped past him. As he stood on the side of the road, he noticed a tractor-trailer was heading for him and jumped off the bridge while the truck slammed into the car.

"I was flashing my light on and off, and he was in the left lane," Cribb told WSOC. "[The driver of the tractor-trailer] didn't merge, and we didn't know if he was gonna hit the car. But, I kinda had a feeling that he was, and he smashed into the car."

The 24-year-old driver thought he was going to land on the median, but instead fell 75 feet and landed in the river bed below.

"It was so pitch black and dark I couldn't see it," Cribb told WCNC. "I didn't know when I jumped I was actually going to be falling 75 feet down."

When rescue workers arrived on the scene, they feared the worst. They rappelled down the bridge and were shocked to find that Cribb was alive and conscious.

"To be honest, that's entirely miraculous," Salisbury Fire Battalion Chief Nicholas Martin said.

Cribb broke a few ribs and suffered a collapsed lung in the fall and was taken to the hospital.

"I was not supposed to get up," Cribb said. "Right now, I'm not supposed to be talking to you guys."

He is expected to remain in the hospital for a few days but should make a full recovery.

Photo: Twitter/Salisbury NC Fire

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